I see how you people drive on the Thruway and Taconic. Even on Route 9 you think this is the Indy 500. Well, if you like to drive fast, this might be for you. They have a serious racetrack in Monticello and you can try it out.

John Harrelson, Getty Images

It's the exclusive Monticello Motor Club. They will let non-members come for the day. At $2,495, it's not cheap, but how often will you get to do something like this?

I hear Jerry Seinfeld likes to come up here to drive his Porsche really fast around the track. (That is an unconfirmed rumor by the way. No comment from the club about that one.)

I saw Seinfeld zip past me in a yellow Porsche on the Thruway a few years ago. Yeah, Jerry likes to drive fast! Maybe you do too? Just thought you might be looking for something a little different :)