I have a cat named Randi.  I have never wanted to take it for a walk outside.  If I wanted to walk a pet, it would be a dog!

We had a listener email us complaining that his wife bought a leash for the cat.  He thought it was a joke, but she was serious.  Now this guy has to take his cat for a walk around the neighborhood on a leash :)  Cute right?

Here's what a few of my Facebook friends said about it.

Rebecca Davis-Lanchipa Haha. Funny you mentioned this. My neighbor does. Hmmm

Dawn Gordon Yes a friend of mine walks hers on a leash and the cats love it.

Robin Ballard If you start while the cat is still a kitten, like 2 or 3 mos, getting them used to a harness and leash...yes.

Angie Antzak We can walk our cat. The harness works out very well for him, and he loves his walks. He is primarily an indoors cat, but loves the outside so this is our compromise.

Ondrea Lynn I see a lady at the walkway bridge walking her cat all of the time. Lol

Arlene Domenico Yes with a harnass Mine is a beast at 24 pounds, bigger then my dog!! Lol

Paula Lanier Cats will do most anything, if you're nice to them.

Laura Hall McCloud Yes you can. I put a harness on one and took her out. She would meow incessantly and fall over on her side every few feet from excitement...like she was playing possum--it was very entertaining, lol.

Stephen Politique Of course you can, right after you give them a bath!!!

Heidi J Selteneck No but I would like to see you try!


I still don't think this is for me, but if you want to try it here is a video that tells you how.  Happy Cat walking!