We got into a funny topic on this morning's show.  If you want to know what your band name is you take the color of your underwear, plus the last thing you ate.  Unfortunately my band name is "Blue Turkey Meatballs" :(   Here are my favorites from some of my Facebook friends.

Sarah Hasbrouck - Commando Brownie.  (This is my favorite)

Gary Warden - Paisley curried goat  (Should be playing in Woodstock)

Diane Gioia - Nude goldfish (The Little Mermaids favorite band)

Laurie Salkin - Black lace smoothie ( Well I guess it's a Black lace thing?)

Juli Bogdanski Williamson - White Steak (80's Hair Band)


We have a running joke on the show about band names.  Whenever something in the news sounds weird to me, I always say "they're playing at The Chance this weekend" Example -  When that soccer player used his teeth on the other team, the news headline was -"Suarez bites Chiellini".  Great name for a Band!  Suarez Bites Chiellini at The Chance this weekend :)

I Googled funny band names and got this incredible list of real bands!  Warning - Some of this list may be inappropriate for young children.